Marijuana Cookies Strain Review

Once known as “the underground drug that teenagers use,” cannabis has become a widespread solution to many medical problems [1]. Anxiety, depression, and insomnia are all things of the past for cannabis users. Thanks to its mainstream appeal, more and more strains of cannabis are popping up, one of the most popular of the bunch being the Cookies strain. Let’s take a look and see what the fuss is all about. 

Cookies Strain Overview

Also known as Girl Scouts Cookies, this strain is an Indica-sativa hybrid with Durban Poison and OG Kush as its predecessors. This specific hybrid is mostly made up of Indica and as a result is strongly psychoactive. More specifically, lab tests show a THC concentration that averages between 15 and 28%. 

One unique aspect of growing the Cookies hybrid is that phenotypic variation is possible. Two of the most famous products resulting from Cookies are Platinum Cookies and Thin Mint. Both of those are well known among marijuana users and are considered more or less similar to GSC.

While its creator is unknown, GSC’s origin can be traced to the California medical marijuana era. People tie the strain’s growing popularity to its high quality and low entry barrier. The consensus is that as far as weed goes, it’s hard to find a better product than this.

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What Does It Look Like?

As many users describe it — the Cookies strain is beautiful to look at and can brighten any bad day. That might sound metaphorical but in reality, this hybrid has a distinctive bright green look to it. Furthermore, its leaves have a uniquely deep purple color. So in fact, it can brighten up a bad day — in more ways than one.

How Are The Smell and Flavor?

The Girl Scouts Cookies is famous for its minty aroma, similar to actual cookies, hence the name. Flavorwise, this hybrid has a classic Indica earthy undertone that blends with a sweet mintiness. Most users agree that GSC has a sweet yet familiar flavor that both grounds and uplifts them. It seems that the overall taste is a perfect balance that both new and veteran cannabis users can enjoy. 

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Does It Have Medicinal Properties?

Just like other medical marijuana products, GSC is famous for helping with many health issues. Stress, depression, and nausea are just some of the problems that GSC can help with. 

Unlike other products that have a high CBD concentration, GSC is all about its high THC levels. Thanks to that, users that have chronic pains can use this strain as medication. Yet, to achieve noticeable results, it’s recommended to ramp up the dosage as much as the user can handle. 

Overall, GSC helps to relieve common issues like anxiety and stress. It’s important to not go overboard as high dosages can worsen the aforementioned conditions. 

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What Are the Side Effects?

Similar to other marijuana products, there are some possible side effects. However, unlike most other products, this hybrid’s side effects are fewer and less frequent. The most common of those is dry mouth, but drinking some extra liquids can easily negate it. Other than that, some users also experience fatigue and dry eyes after using GSC. 

It’s worth noting that the side effects vary drastically between users. Experienced smokers will know what dosage to choose and how to handle the weed. Newcomers will have a harder time testing their limits and as a result, will be prone to side effects. You don’t have to worry as you can easily keep the side effects under control. Just make sure you have water and food nearby, and you are all set.

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Time to Buy Some Cookies!

In conclusion, the Girl Scouts Cookies is a well-balanced marijuana strain. From a small local product to a country-wide phenomenon, the Cookies strain has become a highly sought-after product. With a few easy-to-manage side effects and huge medical benefits, it’s clear that this hybrid is here to stay. 

You can be a regular user or a complete beginner and still enjoy GSC’s high all the same. Like with any cannabis product, knowing your limits is important. Always do your research before trying it, and don’t be afraid to ask for advice. If you feel nostalgic about childhood cookies or want to take advantage of its medical properties, the Cookies strain is perfect for you. 

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