LA Kush Cake Strain Review & Information

The LA Kush cannabis strain was born of the LA Confidential marijuana strain. LA Kush is nearly identical to LA Confidential, except LAKush has an even higher THC content that typically averages about 26%.

LA Kush received its name because it first originated in the streets of Los Angeles, California. However, this strain has since become more popular on the east coast than on the west. It is known for its large yields and can produce up to 500 grams/m2 outdoors, whereas LAKush tends to give smaller gains in indoor settings.

The strain produces a slightly sour scent that has been compared to fuel or chemicals and tastes just as potent with skunky notes and a spicy aftertaste. It has a long-lasting, energetic high that is followed by heavy sedation when ingested in higher doses.

LA Kush marijuana strain produces an initial cerebral euphoria that eventually turns into couch lock; the strain tends to cause users to feel sleepy, uplifted, and talkative at the same time. It has an average THC level of 18-20%, which is higher than LA Confidential’s 13%. LAKush was awarded 1st place in the Los Angeles Cannabis Cup in 2011 for its strong, complex flavors and potent high.

LA Kush can be grown both indoors and outdoors but performs best when it is allowed to grow in an outdoor setting. It requires warm temperature and sunny days for it to thrive and can be harvested by mid-October when grown outdoors in a northern climate.

LA Kush Cake: Description and Origin

LA Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that has obscure origins. The strain might be the LA version of OG Kush, but it’s hard to be sure because it has uncertain genetics.

It is your quintessential LA pot. The marijuana strain is known for giving users a happy body buzz and an uplifted high. It can give you a boost in energy while still allowing you to feel relaxed and content. This combination makes it perfect for daytime use!

This marijuana strain is a cross between LA Affie and SFV OG Kush, which are both potent strains in their own right. It possesses the best qualities of both strains! Its buds have small to medium-sized lime green spade-shaped nugs with fuzzy orange hairs and amber undertones.

LA Kush has an earthy pine flavor with an aroma of sweet berry goodness. It is a favorite among LA cannabis connoisseurs because it looks and tastes great, but its cerebral-high sets it apart from other LA strains.


LA Kush has one of the best smells out there. This marijuana strain creates an earthy, lemon pine scent that will fill up any room – making your room smell like a pine forest (very cool).

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This marijuana strain has super dense, dark green nugs with visible purple hairs/trichomes. LA Kush also has very sticky, heavy buds. LA Kush is not the biggest yielder, but it makes up for its lack of yield with its out-of-this-world high quality (and smell).


The taste of this marijuana strain is much like it smells – piney, earthy, lemony. It is not the most flavorful marijuana strain out there, but it does have a very cool, original taste to it. LA Kush has an excellent aftertaste that will make you want to instantly take another puff.


LA Kush creates a clear-headed, energetic high. It will get you going and keep you active. This marijuana strain is used mainly for daytime medicating because it does not create a couch-lock effect (which LA Confidential does). LA Kush is great for depression, pain relief, and nausea. LA Kush is not recommended for nighttime use due to its energetic effects.

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LA Kush: Medical Uses and Benefits

LA Kush has been known to be effective in treating chronic pain, loss of appetite, migraines/headaches, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, inflammation, and more.

It may be useful in treating PTSD, ADD, and ADHD. This strain has been used to treat various medical ailments because of its Indica-dominant genetics. LA Kush has a 60% Indica rate, which makes it very effective in treating many illnesses/and or conditions.

The marijuana strain can also aid with insomnia due to its heavy Indica effects. It is also used to help with nausea, stress, loss of appetite, chronic depression/anxiety, arthritis, and pain relief.

LA Kush is an excellent marijuana strain for those who suffer from depression and need help with sleep disorders. The strain has a 70% Sativa rate, which can cause you to be energetic and uplifted. It is known as an all-around marijuana strain that provides its patients with many medical benefits.

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LA Kush: Potential Side Effects

Dry mouth – The strain can cause your mouth to dry, which is the result of its high THC level.

Dry eyes – LA Kush can cause your eyes to become dry, which is the result of its high THC level. It can also cause redness of the eyes.

Dizziness – It has been known to cause dizziness for some users because LA Kush has a 70% Sativa rate. The strain may be hard for patients who suffer from chronic pain to focus on the tasks at hand.

Paranoia – This marijuana strain can sometimes cause paranoia in users. LA Kush has a high THC profile which can enhance any negative feelings or emotions users might have at the moment.

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LA Kush: Yields and Grow Time

The LA Kush marijuana is an Indica cannabis strain that is believed to be one of the more potent varieties of marijuana. It is available in two different forms; one is presented with purple leaves and buds.

These marijuana plants are also capable of flowering in as little as 10-12 weeks. The cannabis plants are considered to have some of the heaviest THC content on the plant, which can range from 22% to 25%. The marijuana plants are also resistant to bugs and mold.

LA Kush marijuana is considered to be very easy to grow. These marijuana plants are actually considered to be ideal for novice growers. As for outdoor growing, it can easily flourish outdoors in many different climates. These cannabis plants are capable of growing as high as 15 feet and will usually grow to about 4-5 feet indoors.

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Final Thoughts on LA Kush Cake

LA Kush is a cannabis strain that has been inspired by the sunny beaches, wonder, and potential of Los Angeles. You can find it at dispensaries all over California. The strain’s name comes from the fact that it was created in Los Angeles, California. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a distinct taste profile inspired by its birthplace.

The strain has an obscure past, but this doesn’t impact its agreeability as both a therapeutic and recreational strain. It’s a top-notch and elevating take on the classic OG Kush, advertising clients a serious, therapeutic body buzz that isn’t entirely narcotic. The high THC levels, moderate CBD levels, and lack of paranoia make it a perfect choice for patients looking for something that won’t induce fatigue.

LA Kush marijuana strain offers an exciting taste experience that combines LA’s signature lemon cleaner smelling flavor with the earthy taste of OG kush flavors. It has a strong but not overwhelming effect. It has a very relaxing and calming body high that is perfect for pain relief and insomnia.

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