Equilibria Women CBD Review — Should You Give It a Try?

There may be thousands of CBD brands in the market, but only a few, like Equilibria CBD, can provide high-quality CBD products. This company prides itself on providing excellent 100% organic, all-natural CBD products as well as strict quality control. It’s also known for its professional and friendly customer service. Equilibria CBD is also one of the few CBD brands with its own dosage support team that helps users find their best CBD dose.

Let’s do a more in-depth review on Equilibria CBD and know what sets it apart from the competition.

Company Details: Equilibria CBD

Equilibria CBD is a Chicago-based company founded in 2019 by two serial tech entrepreneurs, Coco Meers and Marcy Capron-Vermillion. This CBD brand specializes in CBD products that cater to the needs of women. It also empowers its female customers with the right CBD knowledge through educational webinars and support, helping them achieve balance in their daily lives.

Equilibria CBD gives its customers a great selection of laboratory-tested CBD products. It offers CBD tinctures, softgels, edibles, topicals, bath products, and other innovative products such as its CBD drink enhancers. It also provides free shipping on every purchase once you subscribe to become a member.

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Advantages of Equilibria CBD

Equilibria CBD offers the following benefits:

  • Law-compliant, 100% organic farming practices;
  • Sources CBD from organically grown industrial hemp;
  • Third-party tested CBD products with certificates of analysis;
  • Ingredient transparency;
  • With in-house CBD dosage experts;
  • Offers educational webinars about CBD;
  • Lots of different CBD products, flavors, and potencies; and
  • Free shipping

Disadvantages of Equilibria CBD

Equilibria CBD also has the following disadvantages:

  • Doesn’t offer return or refund unless the product is damaged and unusable;
  • No major discounts are being offered;
  • High price points for some of its products; and
  • Limited potency range.

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Where Does Equilibria CBD Hemp Come From?

Equilibria CBD has a partner farm located outside of Boulder, Colorado. It does organic farming practices to ensure that the products are free from unwanted chemicals.

The farm harvests the hemp flowers by hand and extracts them to create CBD hemp oil. Equilibria CBD only uses CBD extracted from hemp flowers for its products. It doesn’t use the rest of the hemp parts, such as the leaves, seeds, and stalks.

Third-Party Lab Testing

All of Equilibria CBD’s products are third-party lab tested. The lab tests show whether or not the CBD products contain any harmful substances such as heavy metals, mycotoxins, microbial, pesticides, residual solvents, and other foreign matter. Each product has its lab test results and is publicly available on the company’s website.

Third-party testing is important in many ways. It allows for transparency as it discloses the ingredients in the products and also shows the results of its lab tests. It also guarantees your safety when consuming these products since you know exactly what’s inside them. Lastly, lab testing assures you that you’re getting safe, clean, and potent quality products.

Who’s Behind the Company? Are They Transparent?

Equilibria CBD is one of the most transparent CBD brands in the industry. It discloses all of its ingredients, but it also shows the results of its lab tests.

It’s also transparent about its founders and team. The brand is led by two women, Coco Meers and Marcy Capron-Vermillion. Their own experience with CBD encouraged them to learn everything about this natural remedy and start the company to help others.

Its website is also pretty transparent and has everything you need. Navigating around its website takes you to their dosage support, where you get to learn more about CBD through webinars.

Aside from CBD education, it’s also complete with FAQs and a customer service chat for your specific queries.

You’ll also find links to its social media accounts at the bottom of the website.

Equilibria CBD Reviews: Which Products Should I Buy?

Equilibria CBD is known for providing a wide array of CBD products for you to try. These products range from oils, softgels, topicals, edibles, and bath products. Here are some of its best-sellers:

1. Daily Drops

Equilibria CBD’s Daily Drops makes use of full-spectrum CBD extract. Its CBD content and the other cannabinoids work together in improving your mood and stress levels. You’ll get a sense of calm and balance throughout the day. You’ll start feeling its effects at least 10 to 30 minutes after taking it, and you can enjoy its therapeutic effects for at least four to six hours.

  • Type of CBD: Full-spectrum
  • Potency Range: 300mg of CBD for regular strength and 1500mg of CBD for extra strength
  • Flavor Options: Mint-flavored drops for regular strength and unflavored CBD drops
  • How to Use: Place a few drops under the tongue. We recommended taking it with meals, especially meals high in healthy fat, for increased efficiency.

2. Daily Softgels

Its Daily Softgels offers convenience. It’s a discreet way of administering CBD and enjoying its beneficial effects.

Unlike Daily Drops, the effects of softgels last longer (about six to eight hours) since it releases CBD slowly into the system. However, the onset of effects usually takes about one to three hours.

  • Type of CBD: Full-spectrum
  • Potency Range: Regular Strength with 10mg of CBD and Extra Strength with 25mg of CBD
  • Flavor Options: Unflavored
  • How to Use: Take daily on a full stomach

3. Daily Gummies

Who wouldn’t want to take their CBD in the form of gummies? The Daily Gummies is vegan-friendly and gluten-free, and taking it can help you to feel centered and focused all day. It has an onset time of 30 to 60 minutes with effects that can last up to eight hours.

  • Type of CBD: Full-spectrum
  • Potency Range: 10mg of CBD per gummy
  • Flavor Options: Pineapple Dragonfruit
  • How to Use: Consume one or two gummies daily as needed. Chew thoroughly before swallowing.

4. Rapid Calming Melts

This product is perfect for those who want a faster onset of effects. It’s a CBD edible that you can consume when you’re looking for fast-acting relief with long-lasting effects. It has an onset time of five to 15 minutes and effects that last for three to six hours.

  • Type of CBD: Full-spectrum
  • Potency Range: 5mg of CBD per melt
  • Flavor Options: Mint
  • How to Use: Place one melt under your tongue. Allow it to dissolve completely before swallowing.

5. Relief Balm

A topical CBD Relief Balm can be applied over local areas of discomfort. Not only can it help reduce pain and swelling of joints but also soothe sore muscles. It can also help you get a good night’s sleep. You can apply the balm several times a day or on an as-needed basis.

  • Type of CBD: Full-spectrum
  • Potency Range: 500mg of CBD
  • Scent: Combination of lavender and rosemary
  • How to Use: Use your fingertips to apply a small amount of balm to affected areas. Massage thoroughly until it’s fully absorbed by the skin.

6. Daily Treatment Oil

The Daily Treatment Oil is a CBD oil that you can use to help improve your skin health. Infused with seven nutrient-enriched botanicals, it’s a multi-purpose oil that relieves common skin concerns such as acne, dry skin, and sun damage.

  • Type of CBD: Full-spectrum
  • Potency Range: 500mg of CBD
  • Scent: Unscented
  • How to Use: Apply daily as needed to clean and dry skin.

Where to Buy Equilibria CBD Products in 2022

If you’re interested in buying Equilibria CBD products, know that their products are pricier than other brands. Fortunately, you can get discounts and free shipping through a subscription.

The best place to buy Equilibria CBD products is online through its official website at myeq.com. This assures you that you’re buying authentic Equilibria CBD products.

Equilibria CBD Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the commonly asked questions about this brand and its products.

1. What Products Does Equilibria CBD Offer?

You’ll find here a good selection of full-spectrum CBD products. These include not just tinctures and capsules but edibles, topicals, and bath products, which come in varying potencies. All of Equilibria’s CBD products are THC-free and non-addictive.

2. Can I Return Products From Equilibria CBD?

Equilibria CBD also accepts refunds and returns, provided the product is defective, damaged, or got lost in the mail. You need to file the complaint with proof within seven days of delivery.

3. How Do I Get In Contact With Equilibria CBD?

You can easily get in touch with Equilibria CBD through its website (myeq.com) or on any of its social media accounts.

4. What’s The Best Product For Me?

Keep in mind that everybody is different and has different needs. One of the ways to know which product is best for you is by reviewing the product information available on the website before purchasing. You can also get in touch with their customer service team.

Generally, if you’re planning to use CBD to relieve pain or to reduce stress and anxiety, it’s preferable to take pills or capsules like the Daily Softgels. If it’s for relieving joint or muscle aches, then topicals are the best option. For fast relief, CBD users typically prefer tinctures or vapes.

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Conclusion: Should You Try Equilibria Women CBD?

Overall, Equilibria CBD is a great option, especially if you’re looking for organic products that are vegan-friendly and rich in natural, beneficial ingredients. It does come with a higher price tag, but you’re getting your money’s worth with the quality of its products.

The company is also transparent about its ingredients and manufacturing processes, which is always a plus. Equilibria CBD has an excellent collection of high-quality CBD products that can fit any lifestyle or need.

Lastly, it’s also so easy to get assistance on its website, especially on dosage support.

Which Equilibria CBD product would you be excited to try out? Let us know in the comment section below!

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