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Learn from the Attorneys And Industry Experts Who Have Prepared a Detailed Course on Starting and Operating Cannabis Businesses All Across Washington State. Complete I 502 Training and Education.

Washington Cannabis Institute Can Help You Get Started Operating & Growing Your Own Marijuana Business in Washington State Following I 502 Guidelines, With Guest Speakers From WLCB.

  • Get ahead of the I 502 curve & position yourself for success.
  • Learn from attorneys & other industry professionals.
  • Guest speakers from Washington Liquor Control Board.
  • Understand and comply with the I 502 regulations and licensing requirements.
  • Understand the correct corporate structure for the I 502 commercial business.
  • Take seminars and I 502 courses and learn the requiremnents for I 502 Retail license, I 502
    Producer license and I 502 Processor license.
  • Institute a strategy to scale up your collective garden to a larger I 502 commercial operation.
  • Take lessons and learn the correct way to fill out I 502 license applications to give you the best chance for getting approved.
  • Get expert cannabis cultivation training.
  • Learn all about the cannabis industry.
  • Learn the RIGHT way to do business!!!
  • Trademark your business name and product names before they are taken.




Sat Mar 23 18:13:39 PDT 2013

Packed house for ’how-to’ school for growing, selling marijuana

The passage of Initiative 502 has opened doors to a new industry centered on legal marijuana use. Saturday the Washington Cannabis Institute hosted an event to teach would-be growers and sellers what they need to know about the pot business. view full article


how to get a i 502 retail license

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Washington Cannabis Institute Training Courses Help YOU Open & Legally* Operate a Marijuana Dispensary | Collective, Co-Op, Club or Delivery Service

You get ONLINE, phone & email support and you even can apply your video fee** to an Upcoming 2 Day Live Seminar!

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requirements for I 502 license

Key forms are included for you, to download, online.

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Explore How and what Type of Cannabis Club Business Start-Ups & Cultivation You Might Want to Consider in the Privacy of Your Own Business or Residence (alone or in a group).

License application for I 502 retail


I 502 processor permit Request Confidential Appt

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