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Providing expert education to the cannabis entrepreneur community with the help of attorneys who specialize in I 502 rules and medical marijuana laws in Washington State.


seminar to start a I 502 business 



Live Seminars:  The Live Seminar is a weekend course from 10AM-4:20PM.  

This is a detailed view of the cannabis industry and I502 Business.  If you want to know how to start a cannabis business in Washington State, this is it.  You will get consultations from cannabis attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, lending & investors, cannabis growers and much more.  Meet others, build a network and create new contacts that will be vital for your success in business, read more, click here. 


how to start a I 502 business

1-On-1 Consulting: Price: $700

We can meet with you and offer a "tailor made" private consultation on how to open a I 502 cananbis business to fit your specific needs.  If you are ready to start your business and need hands on training, you need this I502 Consulting.  Maybe you don't like crowds and want individual attention, this is it.  Call us today and get started (206) 659-6981.

 online marijuana courses for I 502

Online Courses:  Price: $49.95

If you would like to start a cannabis I 502 business or how to start a I502 marijuana business and you can't come to our Live Seminar, get our I502 Licensing Packet in PDF, read more. 

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Quality Cannabis Business Training For Washington State

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Federal Law: Marijuana remains illegal under the Federal Controlled Substances Act.

Link to Text of the Controlled Substances Act (


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